Why everything we do is for them

Are storytelling sessions right for our family?

Truthfully, not everyone needs validation and joy from a storytelling album.

This is not for the shiny-haired mom bloggers who manage to post chirpy updates every week.

This is not for the moms who spend evenings meticulously recording grams of bananas in and poops out.

This is not for the moms who have time and energy to create gorgeous scrapbooks.

This is not for perfect moms, who are juggling everything just fine, and can’t figure out why the rest of us are a hot mess.

Actually – unlike those perfect posed formal portraits, this isn’t really for the moms at all. This is for our children who will one day be grown-ups. This is for our grand-kids to laugh and cry over in 2056.

Our little families, we are in the eye of the storm, and time is fleeting

2016KH_Heliograph-66In six months, a year, everything will change. We think we will remember it all, but as life speeds by, our memories will be overwritten by shopping lists, after-school schedules and college tours.

We can try and remember those stories of morning tickle time, the velvety feel of a sleeping cheek, or our 2-year-old’s obsession with cinnamon and ketchup, but those words will bounce off uninterested little ears.

Those vital moments that live only in our hearts will last only so long as we do.

But your children’s story of these ordinary moments in pictures? Those will outlast us all, and grow more breathtaking every year.

Time is finite, and it moves fast. Contact me now to book your summer family session – there’s only one spot left in May August. (Whoa – 3 months in 8 hours, this post hit home, huh?)