Do you see what I see?

I see circuits and currents. I see gravity and trajectory. I see comfort and security

I see a perpetual orbit of love and dedication

There was an enthusiastic and almost frenetic energy about Alix’s session. At any given moment, he would be embraced, circled, held by at least one grandparent, aunt, uncle or parent, then whisked on to the next snuggle.

Over and over again I would see these lines of energy as Alix connected each person to another. Mind the current of play from the shoulder of one grandfather to another – as it passes on to Alix, where it glows in his face, then travels on. This boy knows how to share happiness.

See the rotation of mother and aunt as they encircle him with smiles and kisses. This boy knows he will always have support.

Observe this wordless and understanding between his family – Alix is the pivot point that brings them all together, handing him from one activity to the next, one embrace to another.

Can you imagine how secure and confident this boy must be? Can you imagine being so unquestionably loved?

In 13 years or so, when his brain re-wires itself and all heck breaks loose in adolescence, he will question that love. And when he’s 25 and he has grown into the secure and confident young man his parents are raising him to be, he will flip through his family album and think, “How, for any moment, could I have doubted?”

I am so grateful it was captured for him. One day, he will open this album and he will be walloped by the realization of how amazingly, staggeringly lucky he is.

This kind of focus, this love and dedication – this stuff is the constant that won’t fade over time

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*Not his real name. Because he’s a baby. And this is the internet.