The Tail End

Hey Awesomesaucers!

2016 is coming to an end in a few short weeks, and just like every mom with a toddler and preschooler a home, we’re scrambling to prepare for the holidays. I’m not updating my blog for the rest of the winter, but feel free to contact me with any questions, inquiries, or high-fives.

In 2017, I’ll be focused more on keeping the lights on and business afloat. As you may know, all of my profits from 2016 (and then some) are going directly to do-goodery series, charitable donations, and Books for Littles. This means a lot less blogging and updates, and more “Hey guys if you or a friend are interested in this kind of documentary family story, let’s talk.” Because do-goodery is nice, but I’ve got to start buying food for the kids someday.

But do-goodery is still cooking. No worries.

a preschooler struggles to put on her coat

These Days

Over the next few weeks, I’ll keep plugging away editing a recent 2-day, 44-kid session at the Little Red Wagon PlaySchool because OH MY GOSH WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO. It turns out I am old now, so chasing preschoolers, rolling around on the floor, crawling under tables and leaping and lunging and squatting all day requires about five days of sore-muscle recovery. So worth it.

Upcoming in 2017

There were so many projects I did this year that I haven’t even published yet – like two Invisible Obstacles sessions supporting single-mothers, an upcoming Patreon launch, a new workshop for photographers and writers interested in helping kids in foster care, the half-year story of a local family as they welcome their second child, long-term plans for a podcast on how to raise kind and compassionate boys, another installment on my ‘autism-friendly family portraits’ and next year’s plans to teach photography classes for moms who want to take better everyday pictures of their own kids.

I also promised a Books For Littles blog post about the most sought-after topic in the BFL group (death) – and had started on it when the election made us all go BONKERS, so I’m putting that off until we can all take a breath and I don’t feel so guilty clogging up your news feed.

Ashia Ray Photography is also going as green as possible (electric vehicles, sustainable print products, solar-powered tech, oh my!) next year.

So up until this very moment I felt like a loser for not getting enough done this year, falling behind and not doing everything I had hoped. But seeing it all written out like that – I feel better. That’s a lot for a mom with two small kids, a zero-net business, and no minions to do my bidding.

I’ll probably send out an email update or two, so be sure to subscribe to the Awesomesauce Updates email list so we can keep in contact.

Meanwhile – you guys have an amazing year, peace and kindness to your family, and I hope you have luck in focusing on what matters this holiday season, whatever that may be for you.

And as we all head into 2017, uncertain and scary as it looks, let’s use our hands to walk and our feets to march and our voices to speak loudly when the situation calls for it.

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Names and locations of minors may have been changed to protect privacy. This post may contain Amazon affiliate links (all my 2016 profits fund my do-goodery Invisible Obstacles and Somewhere Out There Series). If you’d like to support do-goodery projects, book your own documentary session or, contribute on Patreon.

Leave a comment below and let me know what things matter to you in 2017. I listen.