When you

Your free time is valuable – and sparse

You will treasure your old family portraits long after the basement is finished, the kids have left for college, and even after you’ve retired from a fulfilling career.

Unfortunately these vital documents take time and energy to create. Like every parent with a full life and children to care for, you don’t have the time or energy to take a class in photography, brush up on the latest technology in printing, or coordinate a DIY photo session in between nap times and school pickups.

It can be overwhelming to choose a photographer, since there is no standard guide for what to look for and how to calculate the algebra of hourly rates, minimum print orders, and print prices while also factoring in for talent and reliability.


starthere1-3-01I have some good news – this guide will quickly help you determine the best option for your family based on your personal style, available free time, and budget.

There may also be ninjas involved!


Hello, I’m Ashia – a mother of two little boys
with a (not very) secret identity.

I believe:

  • The people who love us do so exactly as we are right now – not 5 pounds lighter, with touched-up highlights or in snazzy outfits we would never wear in real life. Our children want to remember the real, amazing childhood we’re providing for them – full of whirling, hopping, hiding, crying, splashing and laughing.
  • To appreciate what we have, we have to stop comparing ourselves – to Pinterest pages, curated Facebook updates, parenting magazines and mommy bloggers. Comparing our complex lives to the filtered highlights of other people saps the enjoyment out of our own awesomeness.
  • Each stage in our children’s lives will pass in a matter of months and sometimes weeks, and it’s up to us to hold on to the joy of it before we miss it.
  • We deserve to know that the work we do matters.

The mission I’ve set out to accomplish:

My clients have a really long, strenuous day-to-day with no breaks, and they are constantly giving and caring for someone else. I’m using my super powers to create portraits of their children – real, as they are, wonderful and unique – to give overwhelmed parents a moment to breathe when they look at them and remember why they slog through the every day hard stuff.
You are busy, but preserving your memories is of the utmost importance right now – before your favorite moments today are forgotten in tomorrow’s busywork.

I value your limited time – so let’s get started. Click here to find out how to create the perfect photographs for your unique family.



Quick 1-2-3 Roadmap
0: Start here (you are here)

1: Love the look
2: Chuck your to-do list
3: Accept something lovely

Image quote from Kristen Kalp, poet and meaning-maker. Check out her podcast, ‘That’s What She Said (outside link).‘ Her words are meant for creatives but apply directly to the pressures of parenthood. She was kind enough to give me permission to quote her poetry here.