A Roundabout Origin Story


Aaaare we having fun yet?

This is my favorite image from a recent pool-party 4th birthday celebration.

It’s not something you’d we’d use in an album, this image was just for fun. He looks  just. so. meh. to be there (I think he was in time-out). The 7-year-old in me identified with him. This is the way I felt at every single party I had ever been to as a child.

Hiding behind glass

Confession – this is how I got into photography in the first place. As a member of an enormous Boston-Irish family, it was hard to escape huge weekly baby showers, holidays, christenings, advents, etc etc etc. Juggling the calculus of interacting with (and not offending) that many people at once was so exhausting.

If I keep a camera in front of my face, people don’t ask confusing questions. They don’t expect me to look them in the eye. My camera is a prop for a simple, stress-free conversation starter with strangers and provides material for small talk that isn’t laced with minefields.

Being The Photographer gave me a comfortable role in the micro-society of large events.

This is how I fit in


A little while after this post, I publicly disclosed the fact that I’m autistic. People have been very kind and supportive.

If you identify with my experience, or know someone who does, check out my guide to autism-friendly portraits.

Also, check out the updates from this session, one year later.