Jumping In

Jumping into a pit of foam cubesI’ll get this out of the way and admit it.

I’m scared, I’m afraid to start.

Documenting families has always been easy – these images are of you, and you are lovely. Writing about them, however, exposes me.

I’m confident that I can tell your story in pictures and show the world how amazing you are, even if you don’t realize you are. I’m confident sharing your story will make your mom cry with joy and your children squeal with laughter.

I’m less confident about sharing my own stories about how I figured out how to do this.

I’m scared the world won’t be able to look past my quirks to understand the work I’m creating. I’m scared that I will never be able to communicate how absolutely vital these stories are to our children and their children. I’m scared I will lose opportunities to do the good I hope to do in the world, to document the stories the world needs to see.

Starting means I have to keep going, and suddenly this opens everything up to failure.

If I fail to post something from this week, this month, this year, it will be look to the world like I am not keeping up, that I failed to juggle work and life, that I am not normal.

And I am not normal. I am ethical. I am diligent. I am creating things that will help the world. But these things aren’t valued as much as being normal. They certainly aren’t as highly prized as being bulletproof and super-powered.

Here is why I started this, and here is why I’m working so hard to create it:

I’m hoping you’re not normal either.

Because if you are not normal either, maybe you’ll be able to look past my weird quirks and bear with my weaknesses. Maybe it will be worth it because I want so much to help. Maybe sometimes you feel weird and weak too. Maybe you’re also struggling to balance All The Things.

And if this is so – I know something wonderful. I know that we can help each other. I know it.

I have so much I have to tell you.

In the rare minutes of silence, I think of the things I must share. I scribble it on scraps from the recycling bin as I walk through the door, and then am accosted by ankle bites and deadlines, and it gets buried again.

But this is important, and this is why I’m going to go ahead and start, despite being scared, despite the risk of failure.

I have so much to tell you.

So join me. Sign up for the email list, follow along, and add your voice and share your story. Even if it’s a little scary to start.