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We are firebrandsY’all Ready For This?

Don’t let your fears stop you.

Those worries that your home is too messy, your kids are too hyper, your body is not the right shape, your life is too boring – those are all excuses. Those worries are insignificant compared to the reality of how strong you truly are.

Those worries aren’t good enough to stop you. You are worthy. You are ready.

Lighting the path

Join your fellow Firebrands as we demolish the unattainable, polished nonsense bombarding mothers – in magazines, in Facebook feeds and Pinterest boards – and create a new understanding of the strength and moxie it takes to raise a family.

Asking for understanding and compassion takes courage

I’m looking for families with the courage it takes to light the path for those who follow. I’m looking for mothers willing to show the invisible, thankless work it takes to raise the next generation – to show how truly valuable we are.

This is our chance to obliterate the stigmas and shame burdening families like ours, as we do our best to navigate daily life and raise a healthy family.

The families who navigate invisible obstacles every day – food allergies, living on the autism spectrum, single parenting, depression, raising grandchildren, fostering and adopting, LGBQT, and infertility.

These families who haven’t stepped out of a magazine. These families are ready to be seen.

Real families are worthy. Real families deserve to be made visible.

Make your voice heard. Take this chance to show the world what we need to understand.

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