Bumps in the road! Life happens, and things come up. In the event that we hit a snag and our session has to be altered, cancelled or re-scheduled, here’s the plan! Please click here to contact me with any questions or comments about policies. It’s important to me that you are comfortable with your investment and the process is fully transparent.


Cancellation & Postponement

Kids know when you need to be somewhere at exactly the right time. They feel your stress when you are crunched for time and worried about running late or taking too long during a session. Since we can’t plan around weather, scheduling an outdoor session can also make you wary. To make sure your entire family is as relaxed as possible, I’ve created a couple great policies that I think you’ll like:

  1. No extra charge for sessions that run up to 45 minutes over.
  2. No charge for sessions that must be delayed up to 1 hour (for late nappers.)
  3. Up to one free rescheduling if your outdoor session falls on a rainy day or a family member gets sick.

I typically book 6-8 weeks ahead, so I like to leave a few session dates open each month to allow for post-postponement due to weather.

To make sure you have my full attention and best effort, I only book only one session each day. This means that once we have signed a contract agreement, I guarantee that session date and use your initial payment to rent necessary equipment, schedule childcare and opt out of booking alternative opportunities.

So if you must cancel or postpone your session for any reason other than the ones mentioned above, your initial payment non-refundable. Delays over 1 hour are charged at cost – to cover my own childcare expenses.

Non-Cooperation, No-shows & Re-Shoots

Because of the costs associated with preparing for a session, I can’t offer retainer refunds or credits if someone can’t make it to a scheduled session or I miss a must-have shot due to circumstances beyond my control. I’m happy to reschedule your session for another time, but another initial payment will be required due to the costs of preparing for a session.

In the never-before-happened-event (knock on wood) that you are completely unhappy with the final images based solely on personal preference, you may reschedule a re-shoot for free after you have viewed your images during our order session, but not before ordering final images or prints.

If you opt for the second re-shoot, you may order prints from the second session only and forgo the option to order any and all images from your first session. In the event that a finished product from a portrait session is unusable due to technical problems such as camera failure or exposure issues, I will of course re-shoot at no additional charge.

Autism-Friendly Sessions

For families with members on the autism spectrum, both you and I will do everything we can to prepare for the change in routine, but meltdowns are always a possibility when new stuff happens (like a stranger with a camera in your living room).

In the event of an anticipation meltdown, experience has taught me that the best idea is to keep the session scheduled as planned. In the worst possible scenario, I get to meet your family and introduce myself, take pictures of any members who are interested in the session, and generally show that me and my camera, while novel, are not a threat.

This ensures that when we reschedule our next session, anxiety is minimized and it we all know what to expect next time (cancelling a session altogether might increase reinforce anxiety about future sessions).

In the event that no pictures (or no usable pictures) can be taken, your initial payment is the only payment expected and we can try again on another date. But I get it – every child is different. If you feel that a visit would be detrimental, I’d defer to your suggestion and stay home, but your initial payment remains non-refundable due to the cost of preparing for a session.

This page was last edited on March 29, 2016. Terms and conditions subject to change, so please take a dated screenshot for your reference if these terms apply to your session and orders.