7 Reasons Albums are the easiest, most secure & most cost-effective way to enjoy your photographs

  1. Albums are the most secure way to preserve your memories. Unlike digital files, they can’t be accidentally deleted, lost, or corrupted. Cloud storage companies can and have gone out of business – taking your memories with them.
  2. Albums are easy, simple, and maintenance-free. Traditional framed prints must be re-framed every 20-50 years after the adhesive in mountings fails. Digital files must be backed up multiple times a year and checked for corruption and hard drives last about 2-5 years before they need a replacement. Your files might corrupt without notice – and you’ll only realize when you go to see them, years later.
  3. Albums last generations. Archival albums are resistant to yellowing, fading, and losing detail over time, unlike prints exposed to sunlight and non-archival framing materials.
  4. Albums make an impact – every time. Unlike wall prints that you pass by every day, opening your album is a mindful experience, which means these memories will stay fresh.
  5. Albums fit in any home. Don’t worry about measuring walls, tiny spaces, or coordinating images to your decor – classic albums can be passed down through generations in any decor without looking dated.
  6. Family Albums will be priceless to future generations. When your home catches fire, your family albums are the first thing you’ll want to grab (after the kids, and the dog, of course). Family albums are the most valuable heirlooms you can hand down through the generations.
  7. Albums are a one-time investment. You’ll never need to pay for re-framing, backup hard-drives, cloud storage, or for recovery or cleaning fees for albums.

“My mom passed away on the other coast. All I wanted to keep and bring back with me were her photographs.”

-Jules K. (mom of 2), Newton, MA


All the fun – None of the work

Just choose your favorites from your online gallery and I’ll design a storytelling album that showcases your images in the best way possible. To make things easier and save you hours of work, I create albums from your Vital Collection.

Choose only the images you can’t live without

You can choose which pages you’d like to keep, add, or swap out, purchasing only the images you’d like to have. If you fall in love with an image from the peripherals collection – go ahead and add that in too. A basic album starts at 20 images and holds up to 100 images, with most families choosing between 37-62 favorites to highlight.

If you’re also creating a pocket album, you can create an additional favorites list for your gallery using an alternative email address. Pocket albums consist of ten accordion-fold panels (6 on one side, 4 on the other). For the best results, I suggest choosing 6-8 images to include in your album, with a maximum of 10.



The Difference

Your album will out-last every photograph you own. They are made to hand down through the generations, and durable enough to be handled every day. While they don’t magically repel coffee stains, they are happiest in the room your family spends the most time in. I keep mine right next to the sofa – where we remember to enjoy them them often.

These albums are not made to collect dust on a shelf – they are printed with museum-quality fine-art giclée prints, the gold-standard for archival digital prints.

After weeks, and weeks, and then months of searching I finally found the perfect archival, museum-quality, USA-based, ethically-sourced, earth-friendly, albums that align with my foster/adoption advocacy work (50% of Lush profits go to BeautfulTogether.org!)

I’m proud to partner with Lush Albums because they are the best and only albums worthy of your story.


Album Pricing

Many of my session options include an album credit.

Basic 8×8″ albums include 20 images bound in a soft-linen cover in the color of your choice starting at $820. You have the option to add additional sizes, upgrade the size and cover material, and add a matching storage bag for an additional fee.

For more information on products & pricing, just contact me and I’ll send the full product guide right over.



If you choose to purchase an album during your Design & Order Consultation, final image choices are due within 30 days of your Design & Order Consultation.

I’ll send a couple reminders, but if you love the initial design and choose not to make any alterations by this date, I will send it to print as it is currently designed.

I want you to adore and be happy with your album, but because revisions take time, there is a $56 fee for additional revisions if you decide to add or remove images after your choices have been submitted, and revisions are no longer available after I’ve sent the album to print.

If you need more time to make your final decisions, you may opt to renew your online order gallery for $30/month, for up to 12 months.


Shipping & Handling

You’re probably eager to get your hands on it, so I’ve coordinated with the artisan lab who creates your album to ship it directly to you.

Because it arrives fresh-from the magical artisan gnomes who hand-craft it, you may notice a slight chemical smell when you first unwrap it.

Not to worry – I’ve chosen the most ethically-sourced, earth-friendly archival album creators I could find. The scent comes from the non-toxic binding, ink, and protection process used to create archival prints and finish them for long-term protection. Leave your album propped open in a well-ventilated room for a couple days and the smell will dissipate quickly.

Just to make certain, I reached out to Jamie Westman of Finao, and she assured me that everything is A-OK:

“All Finao albums, including the Lush line [made with green being at the forefront], are made using natural photo glue, and yes, you can smell it, but just like ‘new car smell,’ it’s expected and does dissipate. Our production facility is obviously filled with it, and no cases of anyone sprouting a third arm or anything have been reported yet, LOL.  You also get a smell from the prints themselves. They are again 100% natural pigment-based inks used to create your fine art giclee print. “


Care & Protection of your Story

If you’d like each of your children to have a copy to hand down through the generations, you’d like additional copies for grandparents, or if you’re concerned about a fire or natural disaster, additional copies of your album are available at a 10% discount.

This is the only guaranteed way to protect your images for generations, as digital files and cloud services are unreliable and fragile.

Honestly, if your entire house burns down, you’ve got bigger problems to deal with.  So, never invest in additional copies just in case unless it truly gives you peace of mind.

We can create digital copies from old albums. We cannot create albums from corrupt digitals.