To ensure you have a great experience, I like to make sure every possible detail is addressed and clients know exactly what to expect. For the sake of transparency and clarity, you can find all of my policies listed here.

Click here for Bumps in the Road – What to expect in the event of cancellations, re-shoots and non-cooperation.

Click here for Digital Policies – Know the risks and limitations before you download digital files and find out how to maintain them.

Click here for Photography Copyright – An explanation of photographic copyright and how to avoid accidental infringement.

Click here for Payment Terms – When & how to pay for your session and a la carte items, tax policies & all possible additional fees (always disclosed ahead of time!)

Click here if you need a little help juggling everything – Why delegating to a professional is mandatory for your sanity.


Policies & terms are subject to change. Please take dated screenshots of any pages for your reference when applicable to your session.