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I’m a little stuck.

Designed by Neatlines via 99designs.com

Designed by Neatlines via 99designs.com

Designed by Maya27 via 99designs.com

Designed by Maya27 via 99designs.com


Over the holiday, I took a “vacation” and spent the week creating a 2016 plan, updating my company brand and design, and started a logo design contest at 99Designs.com. (BTW: That’s an affiliate link where you can score a free $99 upgrade.)

The first few days of designs we kind of terrible (probably because I started the design on Christmas Eve), but after a while, a few really great designers showed up with great ideas. Over the last few days, I’ve been working with them to tweak the designs.

Now I’ve got three heart-stopping images that I absolutely love.

This is where it gets sticky.

I love ALL THREE of the final designs. One is energetic and artistic, another is refined and sweet, and the third is exciting and fun. If I didn’t know any better about brand identity, I’d buy all three of them and plaster them EVERYWHERE. But I have to settle for just one :(

All three designers have worked hard and been absolutely fantastic to deal with. As an ex-designer myself, I’ve seen a lot of terrible work (even on this project) – and these designers are all professional, responsive, and creative. I don’t want to reject any of them! I kind of want to make two more companies just so I can use them all.

So I need your help. Would you mind taking 30 seconds to review the finalists and let me know your favorites? I would really appreciate it!

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Sorry – the poll closed January 5th, 2016.

About the designers (seriously, you guys – take a look at their work. They are amazing – and maybe if I can spread the word so they can get more clients, it will make up for the fact that I can’t hire all of them).
Savanamm (savanamm@gmail.com)



Aja Rea - January 9, 2016 - 7:53 pm


Ashia Ray - January 22, 2016 - 2:47 am

Aaaaaand now that someone has pointed it out, I totally see how the first two ninja masks look like blackface. Dear goodness. Welp, thank you guys for your feedback – saved me from making a huuuuuge mistake.