Awareness is nothing without Respect

“Autistic brains aren’t broken. My own brain isn’t broken. My circuits aren’t ripped apart.”

Temple Grandin, ‘The Autistic Brain’

ashia holding #redinstead sign for autism acceptance

Let’s get unapologetically autistic

This April, Autistics & Neurodivergents reclaim our agency and voice from anti-autism & ableist organizations like Autism Speaks.

If you are an ally, please go #REDinstead. Ditch the blue puzzle piece – we are not enigmas, we are human beings, our circuits are not ripped apart. We are not broken.


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Autistics Speaking Day 2016

We are not a burden. We are not to be cured.


What Markel Can’t Ask For

This is the only documentary in the Somewhere Out There series that hasn’t gone viral and inspired mentors or adoptive families to come forward. I think it’s because Markel is autistic – and biracial. As an autistic biracial person, am I angry about that? You bet your ass I am. So are we going to step up and share Markel’s story? YES WE ARE. It’s up to us to speak up and search for an adoptive family for Markel. This means you, too.



Managing Transitions: A Guide for Autism-Friendly Portraits

Understanding transitions and throwing out our ideas of how we ‘should look’ in photos is the first step to creating amazing photographs of autistic people. If you’re a photographer, or a parent looking for a photographer who can do your autistic kid justice, then this is a must-read.


Books For Littles: Re-Defining Genius

A Books For Littles Book Bin celebrating neuro-diversity


Flipping the Switch

The lonely, confusing experience of growing up as an un-diagnosed female on the autism spectrum.


Jumpin’ In & Stimming About

When I came out to clients and the public as autistic – and why.




Other things we want non-autistics to know

The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino on what it’s like to live with an invisible disability.

A Comic Crushes Stereotypes about the Autism Spectrum by Rebecca Burgess

Reticulating Splines by Luna Lindsey expanding Spoon Theory and switching gears

The Difference Between ‘High Functioning’ and ‘Low Functioning’ Autism by Romana Tate. Hint: Both are not helpful.

Am I Autistic or Do I Have Autism? By Alex Lowery on self-identification.

The majority of the autistic population prefers to be called ‘autistic’ but please respect the wishes of each individual.

Autism Advocacy Organizations (not the evil blue one)

Autism Women’s Network – focusing on intersectional autism for and by autistic women
ASAN – Autistic Self-Advocacy Network

Please be aware that juggernaut Autism Speaks is an anti-autistic hate-group profiting from the plight of autistic people and autistic families. DO NOT SUPPORT THEM, PLEASE AND THANK YOU. #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs


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