Laurel C.

Laurel C. Watertown, MA

"I was concerned about what it would be like to have someone shadow us for the entire day and whether it would be stressful for us as a family to just do our normal thing. It was much easier than I anticipated since it was just like hanging out with a friend. It was just comfortable, casual, and fun."

Zoe W.

Zoe W. Newton, MA

"I absolutely love them. They truly capture H's spirit. They are and will be priceless forever."

Arpine B.

Arpine B. Billerica, MA

"My favorite part, funny enough, was to be able to spend a day with my daughter. Even though we spend a lot of time together, this time was extra special. Maybe it's the camera that helped us to be aware of how special this time is, and helped appreciate it more than usual, but it truly was a remarkable day and for that alone, I am very thankful!"

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Sherri L.

Sherri L. Framingham, MA

"My favorite part was how relaxed the session was. There were pictures that captured a look on my son's face that you don't get in a pose. You made us incredibly comfortable and my dog loved you! You have a way about you that allows you to put yourself in our space and capture some amazing pictures. "

Kristen H.

Kristen H. Marshfield, MA

"I am SO happy we had the opportunity to have the documentary session with you in this home. They are already feeling incredibly sentimental to me as we prepare to move out of our first home."

Danielle D.

Danielle D. Potomac Falls, VA

"I hate having photographs taken but I knew I would regret not booking a session and missing out on documenting this part of life. I felt more comfortable with Ashia than any photographer I have ever met."

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Baby wants coffeeMeet Ashia

Hi! – I’m Ashia.
My life goal is to show my sons how to be kind and compassionate humans.

Through storytelling photography, bedtime stories, neurodiversity advocacy, do-goodery, and rollicking capers, I’m hoping something good will rub off on these two little earthquakes.

If you’re also raising the next generation of kind & compassionate little humans – let’s collaborate and work together!

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My second life goal is to crash the sun into the moon. (Still noodling on this one – I’ll figure it out once the boys start college.)